How Often Should You Schedule Duct Cleaning Services?

March 15, 2024

The air ducts that run through your home are an important aspect of your HVAC system. This network of connecting ductwork also affects the air quality of your home. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned is a vital part of home maintenance. In fact, according to IBISWorld, the market size of the air duct cleaning services industry grew by 4% in 2022 alone. Let’s learn more about air duct cleaning and how often you should have this service performed.

How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Bob Vila has found that heating and air professionals recommend that you have your duct system cleaned every three to five years. If your home is located in an area with more air pollution, you might want to consider having your system cleaned more often. If you have several pets, you also might want to have it done more frequently.

Is Duct Cleaning Required?

If you want to keep the air quality in your home high and you want to keep your HVAC system in great working order, you definitely need to have duct cleaning done regularly. Over time, ductwork can become dirty and polluted with dust, germs, bacteria, and even pests. Other debris can find its way into the system as well. Dirty air ducts also slow down the flow of air passing from your HVAC system. If the air ducts are dirty, the system will need to work harder to move air through, and this will eventually add to the wear and tear on your HVAC. It may start to affect your energy usage causing higher than necessary electric bills.

What if I Move Into a New House?

If you move into a new house, you’ll want to consider having duct cleaning done. You may not know when the ducts were last cleaned, not to mention that the air ducts are filled with dust and debris from another family. Having a cleaning done gives you a fresh start.

What if I See Mold or Have Weird Smells in My House?

Air ducts are the number one place for mold to start growing. Sometimes, if the air quality of your home is bad, you may even visibly see mold growing around your home. You might not always see mold, but sometimes you might smell it. You’ll start to notice a strange musty smell in your home. If either of these warning signs are present, you should schedule to have air duct cleaning done.

These are just a few good reasons why you need a duct cleaning service to keep your home clean. If you’re looking for quality professionals in your area, please contact Pure Air Consultants today. We look forward to helping you!